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There are some wild clickbait stories popping up today about the return of “Roseanne.”

One would be to kill off the Roseanne character and have the family continue without her.

The other is to move the whole thing to Fox, like Tim Allen’s show, where racist comments are a given.

The answer on both counts is “NO.” Won’t happen.

First of all, “Roseanne” with a dead Roseanne would face endless Twitter and social media attacks from Barr. She can’t shut up, she won’t go away, she’s crazy as she can be. She’d be hounding the cast and crew and the viewers all day long.

Second, Laurie Metcalf and John Goodman are gone. They haven’t said a word about Barr’s scandal. Metcalf is up for a Tony Award, and it’s hers to lose if she says the wrong thing now. Goodman has a thriving movie career and good will at places like “SNL.” He is not going to jeopardize any of that by continuing with this mess. It’s best for each of them to get away from “Roseanne” fast, clean break, over.

Sara Gilbert must be dashed. The “Roseanne” revival was her idea, and it was great money. Even she knows that the party is over. And she has a day job – “The Talk” on CBS– that could adversely affected.

So “Roseanne” is over. There’s no going back.

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