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What happened today to “Roseanne” doesn’t just affect the star who caused all this destruction.

“Roseanne” is produced by Carsey Werner Television, owned by Tom Werner. With the reboot a gigantic hit, Carsey Werner was poised to reap millions from new syndication of the old “Roseanne” show.

Now, with Roseanne Barr’s Tweets looming large, TV stations may not be so keen on having old “Roseanne” back this fall.

Carsey Werner was also failing disaster with the pulling of the “The Cosby Show” from lucrative syndication. Since Bill Cosby was first accused of raping and drugging women, “The Cosby Show” was pulled from stations. It seemed to come back after things died down. But when Cosby was convicted, the show was history.

Now the Huxtables and the Conners may disappear forever from regular TV, left just to streaming services (perhaps) and DVDs.

How ironic since they were the polar opposites of each other.

Carsey Werner may now focus on a reboot of “That 70s Show”– and hope nothing bad is revealed about anyone from the old cast. (Doubtful– but you never know!)

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