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It’s a sketchy win for “American Idol”‘s first finale on ABC.

“Idol” lost its first of two hours to “The Voice” by a nose. The ABC show rebounded from 10-11pm, when NBC basically conceded the time by airing “Running Wild with Bear Gryllis.”

For “Idol,” it’s a victory of some sort, but not what the show used to be. And the winner, Maddie Poppe, is quite awful. If singing Melanie’s “Brand New Key” like karoake is measure of success, then we’re all in trouble.

The three “Idol”  finalists, in fact, were bland and unimaginative. I wonder what happened to some of the more interesting candidates we saw in the auditions. I’m sure one of them will go on to big things, just as Jennifer Hudson (who lost her season) did.

There’s a lot of good music out there right now, and so many aspiring performers who sing rings around the winners of these god awful competitions. I’ve started to think these winners are no better than the people who win gold medals for stuffing the most hot dogs down their gullets at state fairs.

I would have voted for this guy:

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