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Rose McGowan is “brave,” as the title of her book reminds us. She’s become an activist leading the MeToo Movement and Times Up. Her cause is a righteous one, and she’s been trumpeting it for well over six months.

On Saturday night in Cannes, even Asia Argento cited McGowan to me as the defacto “Leader” or inspiration behind all the women who are speaking up against sexual harassment and assault.

But does it resonate with the public? McGowan’s cable series returned to the E! channel last week after its one shot debut in February. Back then, “Citizen Rose” scored 189,000 viewers, which wasn’t so good.

The news from last week is worse: “Citizen Rose” scored just 139,000 viewers– which means 50,000 McGowan fans didn’t return from that preview in the winter.

In addition, the different versions of the “Brave” book aren’t doing much. The hardcover is way off the Amazon charts.

McGowan has a unique voice. She’s also been a damn fine actress. The real tragedy of all this is if she can’t back to that career. I certainly hope she will.

As for Argento, I think the audience from the closing night ceremony in Cannes is still reeling from her unscheduled but well-rehearsed declaration against Harvey Weinstein. I talked to Asia at length at the dinner following the ceremony, and she is not giving up. She is fueled by anger. Again, she’s an artist and I hope she can get back to her work.


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