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Winners will be announced around 7pm Cannes time for the Palme D’Or and other prizes. You can always guess what’s up by who has stuck around, since everyone else is gone.

So the odds on favorites are Spike Lee’s “Blackkkansman,” Nadine Labaki’s “Capharnaum,” and actors from the French and Italian movies. We’ll see.

Not winning anything will be Lars von Trier’s “House that Jack Built,” and Terry Gilliam’s “The Man Who Shot Don Quixote.”

Cannes 2018 is over. What will Cannes 2019 be? Something better, everyone hopes.

Meantime, amFAR still cannot come up with a number for the money they raised on Thursday night. This is beyond hilarious. Every charity knows at the end of the night how much money came in from their event. To pretend not to is beyond comical.

“They’re trying to figure out what to say,” observes an insider. Sacre bleu! This is why the Elton John AIDS Foundation is superior in every way. No subterfuge!

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