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Johnny Depp is notably in a lot of trouble. He’s in debt, he’s being sued by lawyers and creditors, he’s a mess.

As well, Depp — other than the “Pirates of the Caribbean” series — hasn’t had a hit in years. His movies are routinely panned, along with his performances.

These include things like “Mortdecai,” “The Lone Ranger,” “Black Mask,” and so on. He was part of the ensemble in “Murder on the Orient Express,” and was terrible.

Now he’s hired by Dior to promote a fragrance called “Sauvage.” Or maybe “Sausage.” I don’t know. Anyway, in what is otherwise a puff piece masquerading as advertorial, Depp reveals what’s gone wrong. He tells glossy throw away Manhattan magazine, maybe by accident: “Years and years ago, I stopped reading screen direction. When you read a script the first time, you read the dialogues and the directions to see what the film is as a whole. After that first time, I never read screen direction again. I don’t want to know what I am supposed to do or where I am supposed to be because it should just happen. It allows more freedom.”

So that’s it. Explains a lot. Depp has a complete disregard for everyone else on the movie, how it was written, why it was written, etc. Filmmakers should remember this in the future.

One Depp movie we won’t see for a while: “London Fields,” based on Martin Amis’s novel, apparently so bad that everyone involved has gone to court over it.

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