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EXCLUSIVE A lurid lawsuit filed in New York against two Hollywood execs– one of whom is dead– contains a lie that will affect its totality.

A young man who calls himself Rovier Carrington and lives in Los Angeles claimed in a lawsuit that he was raped by the two execs. One of them is former MTV exec Brian Graden. The other is Brad Grey, the former head of Paramount, who died in May 2017 at age 59 from cancer.

Carrington, according to reports in the Hollywood Reporter, Variety, the LA Times, and so on that he’s somehow the great-grandson of late Three Stooges star Moe Howard. No one checked this, they just regurgitated it as a fact (forget the fact that Carrington is African American).

But it turns out Carrington is more likely a relative of the kid in John Guare’s play and movie “Six Degrees of Separation”– the black kid that claims Sidney Poitier is his father.

I emailed Moe Howard’s grandson, screenwriter Jeffrey Scott, who replied thusly:
Hi Roger,
I had never heard the name Rovier Carrington until I received your email.
Here are the facts…
Moe had two children, a son, Paul, and a daughter, my mother, Joan.
Paul has one child, a daughter named Jennifer. She had no children.
My mother had two children: me and by brother, Michael.
My brother has two children, a boy, Keith, and a girl, Tessa. Neither are married or have children.
I have a daughter, Caroline, and a son, Moe. Neither are married or have children.
I hope this helps.
Best wishes,

So, Nyuk, nyuk, nyuk. Rovier Carrington, whoever he is, is not related to Moe Howard of the Three Stooges. Congrats to everyone who bought that story.

It’s extraordinary to me that everyone repeated Carrington’s claims without checking anything– claims against Brad Grey, whom we all knew for two or three decades, for better or worse. He can’t say a word in his own defense, and the whole thing sounds preposterous– not to mention grotesque.

But now we know that Carrington has made up his Three Stooges story– one that must have seemed good to him. But all it took to disprove was a little effort. His claims are disgusting. He offers no proof except his word. Which now looks pretty specious.

I’ve sent emails and/or text messages to Carrington, and his New York attorney Kevin Landau. If they answer, I’ll tell you what they said. (I’d like to know

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