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Ryan Gosling and Damian Chazelle were robbed two years ago when the actor and the movie “La La Land” failed to win their Oscars– big time.

But today the pair have returned at Cinema Con in Las Vegas with the trailer for “First Man,” their new movie. And look out– according to reports, they may yet get their revenge.

“First Man” concerns Gosling as Neil Armstrong taking the first walk on the moon. Tweets from Cinema Con are glowing with enthusiasm.

The movie will be released this fall by Universal. And value added: Claire Foy, aka The Queen from the Crown, plays Mrs. Armstrong. Bryan D’Arcy James, Corey Stoll, Jason Clarke are also featured.

We can’t wait to see this trailer! Or to hear the soundtrack! Justin Hurwitz, who wrote all that great “La La Land” music with Pasek and Paul, is the composer.

Is this the new odds-on Oscar favorite? You betcha. Chazelle is gifted. And everyone loves NASA movies. “Apollo 13” won Best Picture. “Capricorn One” was so good that people in red states think it was real!

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