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UPDATE: Last night, Maddow had a 400,000 viewer lead, 3.5 million to 3.1 million.

EARLIER Donald Trump is flailing, his world is crumbling, and Sean Hannity is ignoring it.

That’s the lesson we can draw from the cable news ratings this week. So far, MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow handily beat FoxNews’s Hannity Monday through Wednesday at 9pm. (We’re waiting now for last night’s numbers.)

Indeed, Maddow has opened up a 200,000+ lead over Hannity this week, trouncing him as the various scandals– Stormy Daniels, illegitimate kids with maids, Comey’s book, etc– kept unraveling. And that’s all besides Russia and collusion.

Maddow is also widening the gap age wise. Her audience in the target demo– 18 to 49– was .42 on Wednesday, well ahead of Hannity’s .27. Maddow had 3,257,000 viewers on Wednesday night. Hannity had 3,045,000.

Hannity thought his feud with Jimmy Kimmel would bring him more viewers. What he didn’t get was that his people are old, and don’t stay up to watch Kimmel. They may not know who he is at all. And don’t care.


Numbers courtesy of ShowbuzzDaily

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