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Exclusive: Joaquin Phoenix Rising– Star Says “I Just Want to Keep Making Movies, If People Think That I Should”


Charlize Theron and Joaqui’n Phoenix


I guess Page Six went to a different party then I and the rest of the attendees (including Charlize Theron, John C. Reilly, Lucas Hedges and more) did for Joaquin Phoenix’s new much lauded film Amazon’s  “You Were Never Really Here,” in limited release now. At the Taschen Gallery event Phoenix was described as   ‘reclusive,’ and ‘utterly unnoticed.’ They apparently weren’t at the event so they got their info from a ‘source’ and they got it all wrong.  

Joaquin was gracious and approachable, posed for photographers and talked to the press, including me, and was chatting and lovely to guests. He’s also far from ‘reclusive.’ He’s a committed public animal activist, goes to events and recently accompanied his longtime talented actress girlfriend Rooney Mara during Oscar time when she co-hosted an event for her brother-in-law Jamie Bell’s “Film Stars Don’t Die in Liverpool.” Jamie is married to Rooney’s equally talented sister Kate Mara who is terrific in “Chappaquiddick.”

I asked Joaquin, who is known to take artistic challenges in his choices, what drew him to this complicated role. He plays a traumatized veteran who tracks down missing girls for a living

“I don’t really know what it was.  It may be there was just something about Lynne [Scottish Director Lynne Ramsey who wrote and directed the film] when she talked about it that had meaning to me.  He goes on, “I felt like there was something really mysterious about the character and the journey that I couldn’t figure out.  It wasn’t like it was there on the page. But there were hints of things which I wanted to dig in with Lynne and explore the possibilities.  I don’t really know exactly why, but that’s close.”

I then asked him how he handles the constant compliments he gets from the industry and fans about his talent, dedication and commitment to his work.  He answered humbly,   “It makes me feel a little bit uneasy.  I just want to keep making movies, if people think that I should and they want to support that then I’m really appreciative.”


Photo Credit: Todd Williamson/January Images

Leah Sydney
Leah Sydney
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