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Rachel Maddow has been crowned the number 1 cable news talk show host. The MSNBC star has beaten Fox News’s Sean Hannity in head to head competitions three out of five nights for the last several weeks.

Last night, Maddow beat Hannity by a wide margin — 200,000 viewers.

The reason for Hannity’s failure may be in his latest obsession– attacking ABC’s Jimmy Kimmel. He spent the first 20 minutes of Friday night’s show going on and on about Kimmel.

To which most Hannity viewers are probably saying, “Who?” Hannity’s audience is older than Maddow’s and probably doesn’t stay up for Kimmel’s show at 11:35pm. They are most likely asleep. They also aren’t big Twitter users. But Hannity has kept up the attacks on Kimmel there, too.

Maddow, meanwhile, simply keeps going after the day’s story, which is usually about Donald Trump and his corrupt cast of characters. Before the Kimmel brouhaha, Hannity — desperate not to address Trump’s many scandals– concentrated on out of date subjects like Hillary Clinton’s emails. But he’s kind of exhausted Retro Fake News.

And just think, Monday brings the return of Laura Ingraham to the Fox lineup. Can’t wait.

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