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Despite Leah Remini’s best efforts, Hollywood Scientologists are not getting the message: it’s a cult, it’s dangerous, and vindictive.

Now comes news that a group of them featuring Nancy Cartwright– the voice of Bart Simpson– and Judy Norton — she was once on “The Waltons” — are planning an awards day to celebrate their dead leader, L. Ron Hubbard.

They’re calling it “Magic and Wizardry” and the event– dubbed the 34 th annual L. Ron Hubbard Awards– is set for April 8th in Hollywood.

Presenters include a wide range of D list actors who were once on minor TV series or were never known at all.

No word on whether Tommy Davis, the former celebrity wrangler for David Miscavige, will attend. Davis last year worked for Australian Scientologist James Packer, the ex fiancee of Mariah Carey. He turned up recently at a movie premiere party with his mother, actress Anne Archer, also a lifelong Scientologist.

Something about Scientology seems to kill actors’ careers if they’re not in the top tier– like Tom Cruise and John Travolta. Archer hasn’t been heard from in years since appearing in “Fatal Attraction.”

In many of his classic books, the late great Kurt Vonnegut (certainly not in the cult) created a crackpot sci-fi writer named Kilgore Trout. who certainly seems like Hubbard in disguise now. On the press release for “Magic and Wizardry,” they’re giving awards out to a bunch of Trouts, it would seem. The whole thing sounds like the setting for a Vonnegut novel. LOL.

PS Cruise, Travolta, and co. will not be attending.

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