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Now the story gets really interesting…

“Black Panther” is now the fifth biggest movie of all time on the domestic box office list. This week it passed “The Avengers” and “The Last Jedi,” with a total of $631 million.

But what happens next is even better. “Black Panther” should move into the number 4 spot next week, when it overcomes “Jurassic World.” There’s only a $20 million difference, and the kids from Wakanda have been making around $19 million a week even after six weeks of release.

To hit number 3, “BP” has to get to $660 million. That’s when it knocks out “Titanic.” Can it happen? Sure, why not? “Infinity War,” the new “Avengers” movie, may actually drive theater traffic back to “Panther.” That would be a month away.

If “Panther” hits number 3, that’s where it will stop. “Avatar” is pretty settled in at number 2 with $760 million. And “The Force Awakens” stands at number 1 with $932 million.

How times have changed: Steven Spielberg used to rule the top 10. Now his biggest movie, “E.T.,” is number 17. “Jurassic Park” is number 27. Of course, his grandchild, “Jurassic World,” is number 4.

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