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EXCLUSIVE UPDATE: Bruce Springsteen’s manager, Jon Landau, tells me the extension of the run on Broadway will end on December 15th. “And that’s it,” Landau told me at an HBO luncheon today for a new Elvis Presley documentary premiering soon on the cable network. Landau is executive producer. “It go on and on,” he said, referring to Bruce. But it won’t.


Bruce Springsteen likes Broadway– and why not?

He’s extending his one man show (well, one man and one woman– wife Patti) til the end of the year.

“Springsteen on Broadway” was supposed to end in June. Well actually it was already supposed to be done.

But Bruce is making a pure $2 million a week from the show, five performances.  He grosses $500,000 a performance. It only costs around $350,000 to rent the theater for the week. Bruce and his company produce the show so all the profit is theirs. Why give it up? The audiences love him, he can play the songs in his sleep. Even so, he’s engaging and present at every show.

This is bad news for the E Street Band, stadiums and arenas around the world, and so on since there will be So no big tour this year or Bruce album or anything else. He’s going to ride this horse til its done.

And we are all the luckier for it!

Tickets go on sale March 28th for the next allotment.

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