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The Motion Picture and Television Home in Woodland Hills, California– it’s a nursing home kind of place, assisted living, long term care facility. You know the drill. You have them in your town, maybe your grandma is living there.

The only difference is that with the Home, a couple of times a year they have big star studded fundraisers. Movie stars come and get gift bags with iPhones or custom sneakers or discounts on airlines. This Saturday they’ll have the The Night Before Party on the 20th Century Fox lot, as usual.

A really good job to have is CEO of the Motion Picture Home. Back in 2010, when the home was under siege because it was cutting services and celebrities were picketing their events, Bob Beicher was making $440,000.

So what’s happened since then? In 2011-2012, Beicher was bumped up to $800,000 a year and he’s remained at that level for every year since then–$750,000 a year for each of those years plus another roughly $50,000 n health benefits. That’s pretty good since in every one of those years revenue has fallen drastically.

On their Form 990, the MPTF lists total revenue going back to 2013 as:


2014 — $89 million

2015–$51.7 million

Total net assets for those years are also in decline: $124,4 mil (2013), $116 mil (2014), $108 mil (2015).

So that’s pretty good for Bob Beicher. I’d like that job, please.

It’s also pretty good since in 2012 there was a devastating report on the Home.

When the celebs are trooping around filling their candy bags on Saturday night, they might be thinking about the declining funds at the Home and asking themselves, hey, wassup here?

Wassup is a good question. In December, Deadline.com reported that a resident of the facility sued the Home for elder abuse among other things.

That was the second such suit last year.

The Motion Picture Television Fund denied the allegations in the lawsuit, promised to investigate them and defend themselves.

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