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Disney is going waaaay out on a limb– let’s see if they’re right. They’re saying that “Black Panther” had such an extraordinary day on Saturday that by the end of the weekend the movie will have crossed the $400 million mark.

That also means worldwide the number would be $700 million.

There’s a thin line here– the Disney number puts “Panther” up over $400 mil by just $422. If they’re wrong, and they’re under, they got a Sunday headline that’s wrong, but will correct itself by Monday night. So it might have turned out to be fake news for 24 hours. Very Trump-like.

Still, “Panther” made $100 million minimum for the weekend, which is more than the rest of the top 50 movies combined by zillions. So that can be the headline for the day.

The countdown begins to Disney’s next release, “A Wrinkle in Time,” on March 9th. The buzz is getting iffy– we may have to iron that out soon.

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