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The remake of “Death Wish” is coming Friday. You remember “Death Wish,” dontcha? Charles Bronson avenging his wife’s death, shooting everything that got in his way?

A remake? Seems like poor timing, no? In the new version, Bruce Willis is probably doing the same as Bronson, only this time the wife is Elisabeth Shue, not Jill Ireland.

Problematic considering Parkland, 17 dead, and the NRA boycott, not to mention coming anti-gun marches all over the place, and high school students walking out of classes.

Not to mention that Bruce Willis, the star, is SILENT. He’s not on any late night talk shows this week. He is MIA on silent media. There’s no premiere for the movie. It’s unlikely we will see or hear from Willis, who has five daughters and probably isn’t waiting for reporters’ questions about kids and gun control.

MGM– yes there is still an MGM — is distributing “Death Wish.” They’ve put it up against Jennifer Lawrence in “Red Sparrow,” the third week of “Black Panther” and Oscar weekend, when most people are frantically catching up on Oscar nominated movies.

Will “Death Wish” go to video pretty quickly? Seems like it. Willis’s last movie, “Acts of Violence,” may have been released somewhere but no one ever reported its box office. “Extraction,” released in 2015, made $16,775. “Rock the Kasbah” made $3 million.

Stay tuned…

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