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I love “Faces/Places” the movie made by 89 year old legend Agnes Varda and 33 year old French artist JR. It’s nominated for the Oscar, and I’d be thrilled if it won.

Anyway, JR dropped by Martin Scorsese’s set for “The Irishman” and brought his cardboard cut out of Varda– it makes it easier for travel purposes. JR posted this video of Scorsese and Robert DeNiro– obviously in makeup for his role of labor organizer Frank “The Irishman” Sheeran in the movie. It’s pretty funny. And inadvertently we get to see DeNiro made up as a younger Sheeran, who is likely to have killed Jimmy Hoffa. (Apparently, Scorsese is also using CGI to de-age DeNiro.)

Below JR’s post- see Sheeran’s video:


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