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“Black Panther” had to battle — of all things– snow and really bad weather last night seemingly everywhere.

The result was about a 14% drop from Friday to Saturday, and $65 million at the box office. That brings it to $141 million in two days. Not bad! The 3 day weekend will fall somewhere between $190 million and $200 million. That’s a February record.

But that also keeps “Panther” as the sixth highest opening ever, well behind Marvel’s “The Avengers.”

Still, Ryan Coogler gets all the credit for delivering a movie with characters and a theme unseen before– not a sequel but an original idea. Remember when Ryan went to Forest Whitaker for help making “Fruitvale Station”? Wasn’t that like, last month? (Kidding. Close.)

Internationally, “Black Panther” breaks the myth that black movies won’t play to a global crowd. The worldwide total is $361 million for three days. So much for that myth. Hollywood has new rules with movies like “Black Panther,” “Get Out,” and “Girls Trip” all going through the roof!

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