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Quincy Jones isn’t alone celebrating his 85th birthday these days. Willie Nelson turns 85 on April 29th. To celebrate he’s releasing a whole album of new songs– not covers, new songs– on April 27th. The first single is out today called “Last Man Standing.” Frankly, outside of Tony Bennett, Willie IS the last man standing. (Next in line would be “Soul Man” Sam Moore, I guess, who’s 82.)

Willie Nelson is an eternal legend with an immortal voice. “Last Man Standing” is pretty damn good, too. Very catchy. Willie’s voice sounds just the same. He’s cancelled recent tour appearances, but why not? Why is he touring at all?

The new album is being issued on Sony Legacy, which means still no album with the Columbia Records label will grace the top 50. They have no albums up there although Sony Music is represented by Epic and RCA. Columbia was the gem of the company at one time. Maybe new leader Ron Perry will start releasing some hit records soon. Can’t wait!

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