Home Movies Super Bowl Night Surprise: Paramount Dumps Unreleasable “Cloverfield Paradox” Film on Netflix

The Eagles winning wasn’t the only surprise on Super Bowl Sunday.

Paramount dumped the JJ Abrams- produced “Cloverfield Paradox” on unsuspecting Netflix fans without any warning.

Originally titled “God Particle,” the horror film from Abrams’ Bad Robot Productions cost around $45 million. But it was so bad Paramount kept changing the release date. Last year there was some talk of a deal with Netflix and obviously it happened.

“Cloverfield Paradox” now has a 12 on Rotten Tomatoes from critics who caught it last night when it was dropped like one of those watermelons David Letterman used to discharge from his office at 30 Rock on people in the skating rink. The movie stars good people whose names shouldn’t be associated with it. I’ll leave them out.

Who knows? Maybe on Netflix there will be some views from subscribers who can see it in their monthly list. Better that than dragging it around to theaters where no one wanted it.



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