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Rose McGowan has declared herself “brave” as in “you’re so brave.” But aren’t other people supposed to call you that?

Anyway, McGowan’s book tour has turned combative and nasty, as have her TV appearances. The result is that sales are a little disappointing after two days of intense marketing. “Brave,” from HarperOne, stands at number 88 on Amazon of all top selling books.

McGowan seems to be doing better at Barnes & Noble, where they have “Brave” ranked at number 3.

Meanwhile, Variety reports that McGowan’s B&N book signing at the NY Union Square store last night deteriorated into a shouting match with hecklers being removed.

Also yesterday she told ABC News’s Juju Chang that she doesn’t like Alyssa Milano, who propelled the #metoo movement. “I don’t like her,” she said. “Cause I think she’s a lie.” Milano issued a message later saying she supported McGowan. But McGowan sees everything as a conspiracy. “I’m not looking at this from the outside. I have a lot of experience,” continued McGowan. “I know [Milano is] married to a CAA agent. Do the math. Who’s behind Time’s Up? CAA. Where do they meet? CAA? Who needs good PR? CAA. Who are part of the pimp problem? CAA.”

McGowan has a solid story but she refuses to charm anyone to sell it. So it’s going to be a take-no-prisoners assault for her. It’s worth watching this clip from Colbert below. She’s entertaining but not making so much sense. This is one of those times when I’m glad I’m not a book publicist anymore.

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