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I feel bad for Dylan Farrow. She’s been wound up by her mother, Mia Farrow, and her brother, Ronan.

Today she attacked Justin Timberlake on Twitter for working in a Woody Allen movie. It got her some headlines, but it makes no sense.

I sent her a DM message which she ignored. This is what I said: When will you address the story of your uncle, John Villiers Farrow, in prison for child molestation? What do you say about his victims? Are you going to make the world a safer place for his victims?

Dylan makes no mention of the two little boys who were molested by her uncle, John Farrow. Farrow now serves a 10-to-25 year sentence in a Maryland prison for molestation. Dylan wants to help child victims. Why not start there?

Additionally, Dylan also doesn’t address the accusations of her brother, Moses, who was in the house and 7 years her senior on the day she says she was molested by Woody Allen. Moses says it didn’t happen– just as the findings of doctors in New York and Connecticut. Yet, Dylan persists to scapegoat actors who’ve worked for Woody. Will she take on Diane Keaton? I’d like to see her try.

This girl has spent 25 years focused on one thing: being told and retold the story by Mia Farrow, who hates Woody Allen (and she has every right) for running off with an adopted, legally aged daughter. But the press has got to stop indulging her every whim. Until Dylan can speak to John Farrow’s crime, and to Moses Farrow’s assertion, this got to stop.

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