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“House of Cards” is revving up to shoot a new season without Kevin Spacey since he was removed from the show.

When we last saw Spacey’s Frank Underwood, he’d been removed from the presidency and replaced by his wife, Clare (Robin Wright). I think she cackled, “Now it’s my turn!”

Anything could happen to Frank now, and most people think he’ll be murdered. But I’m told a new casting call went out for three 11 year old children– a girl and two little boys. The main description of the characters is that they “must be somewhat comfortable with suggestive content.”

It does appear that the children as Frank, Clare, and one other little boy who meets with a violent end. It could be a flashback to the Underwoods’ days growing up in South Carolina. Maybe this will form the seeds of a mystery story line.

If “House of Cards” is looking for suggestive content, well…we won’t go there. Can’t wait to see what they do with this!

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