The Matt Lauer scandal has finally taken its toll on the Today show’s top of the masthead.

After 30 years, Don Nash is out. He’s being replaced with Libby Leist, who’s produced the 7am news hour of “Today” for the last five years.

Nash issued a statement saying he wanted to be at home with his children. If you believe that, you also agree that Donald Trump weighs only 239 pounds.

Almost by coincidence, former Today show anchor Ann Curry appeared today on CBS This Morning and said she wasn’t surprised by the Lauer scandal from late last year. Curry was on Today for 15 years until she was ousted by Lauer.

“I can say that I would be surprised if — if — many women did not understand that there was a climate of verbal harassment — that existed. I think it’d be surprising if someone said that they didn’t see that. So it was p — a verbal — sexual –,” she said.

“I don’t wanna cause more pain. But no, I’m — you are asking me a very direct question. I’m an honest person. I wanna tell you that it was. Yes. Period,” Curry replied.

Before Lauer was fired, NBC tossed his executive producer Matt Zimmerman. It’s clearly a new day on Today.

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