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A historic meeting on Tuesday night in Los Angeles: Paris Jackson met Paul McCartney. It’s 35 years since Paul and Paris’s dad, Michael Jackson, recorded together– and Paul mentioned to Michael that the Beatles catalog was for sale. It’s (roughly) 35 years since Michael called his lawyer, John Branca, who swooped in and bough the Lennon-McCartney songs for $47.5 million in 1985, thus creating Sony Music Publishing. And from that investment, Michael borrowed and borrowed and borrowed, spending like a drunken pirate, paying off settlements and odd deals until he was just about bankrupt. The wear and tear would lead him to agree to perform 20 shows in London, and then…For all 35 years Paul chased the catalog until now, he finally has it back, Michael is gone, and his estate no longer owns the catalog that weighed on him for a quarter century. Paris says she cried like a baby. I’ll bet Paul did, too.

i cried like a goddamn baby.

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