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Disney and LucasFilm are about to cut bait on “The Last Jedi.”

This Friday– the beginning of Week 5–  they’ll cut the number of theaters for “The Last Jedi” by 1,100.

By contrast, in its fifth week, “The Force Awakens” lost only 300 locations.

Right now, after 26 days, “The Last Jedi” has $576 million in its US box office and another $651 million from around the world. In China, demand has been disappointing with just $28 million.

After day 26, “The Force Awakens” was at $826 million US.

But let’s face it, Disney and Lucas has done everything possible to make this film a monster hit. And it has been– just as not as big a monster as its predecessor. It’s likely nothing else will ever match that high mark. “The Last Jedi” currently ranks as the 6th biggest movie of all time, which is pretty pretty good.

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