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It seems like New Years Day was an unhappy one for “The Last Jedi.”

On its 18th day of release, the latest “Star Wars” movie was supplanted at number 1 on the box office chart by the reboot of “Jumanji.”

“Jedi” took in $15.7 million. “Jumanji” scored over $16.1 million. “Jumanji” is in its 13th day of release.

For “Jedi,” losing number 1 less than three weeks after release is a little surprising. But as I’ve told you right along, the new “Star Wars” movie hasn’t been keeping pace with its predecessor, “The Force Awakens.”

The older movie was at $750 million by its 18th day. “Jedi” is at $533,089,000.

Meanwhile, one Oscar-buzzed movie that’s booming is Steven Spielberg’s “The Post.” Still in limited release, “The Post” had made $2 million in 9 theaters in 11 days. It won’t go wide until after the Golden Globes this Sunday, when the Meryl Streep-Tom Hanks hit should do very well.

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