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Grammy award winning producer- performer Nile Rodgers, founder of Chic, is an amazing fellow. He’s just revealed on his website that he’s come through successful cancer surgery– yet again– he’s got ambitious plans for 2018.

I’ve known Nile a long, long time. Nothing will stop him! He came through prostate cancer in 2011, went on to have the biggest record ever with Daft Punk, re-started Chic, published a memoir, toured the world. I can’t count the number of Twitter alerts I get from Nile either landing or taking off from some airport headed to another sold out gig.

On Sunday night he’s playing the official London New Year’s Eve before and after the clock strikes 12! In April he and Chic will tour Australia with Lionel Richie. Good times are ahead!

His Blog is called “CANCER REALLY? I’m Done. 2018 Here I come!” Everyone should have this positive attitude! Rock on, Nile! We need you!

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