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Actress Amanda Plummer on Her Amazing Father, Christopher Plummer: “He tells the whole story in his eyes”


At the LA premiere of “All the Money in the World,” last week at the Academy, director Ridley Scott made it clear to the audience — after a rapturous standing ovation– that Kevin Spacey is history. 

Scott, who had to quickly re-shoot his movie replacing Spacey with Christopher Plummer, said: “You’re all very conscious of what happened about five weeks ago, and I’m not gonna go through it because it’s a serious matter, but it’s done, and therefore the good, great outcome is what you’re about to see. I’m not gonna dwell anymore about that, talking about what occurred, but I adored the experience with this cast.”

Ridley then introduced cast members Michelle Williams, Charlie Plummer, and Timothy Hutton. Co-star Mark Wahlberg made a brief appearance at the after party.  Sony chief Tom Rothman also said to the crowd: “I’ve worked with only four or five producers that have the skill and the will.  Ridley has both, but he is the only one that had the balls to try [the seemingly impossible reshoot]. ‘

Ridley also thanked the cast and crew, the 800 names were on the big screen at one time, Spacey definitely not included.  Christopher Plummer, who brought his famous actress daughter Amanda with him, was gracious to all.  He told me, “I loved doing it, every second.  Just had the most wonderful time.”  Amanda summed it up by saying; “my father bowls me over every time. He tells the whole story in his eyes.”  Plummer could very well see his second Academy Award statue in his hand for this performance. 

UPDATE: “All the Money in the World” opened on Christmas Day to huge box office. Plummer and co-star Michelle Williams are on their way to Oscar nominations.

“All The Money In The World,” will be released on December 25th.

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