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The last of the really big lawsuits against Michael Jackson has been won by his estate.

In Los Angeles, Judge Mitchell Beckloff dismissed the case brought against Jackson by choreographer Wade Robson for sexual abuse. It’s over.

Robson, who is Australian, had testified in Jackson’s 2005 child molestation trial that the pop star had never laid a finger on him. His sister and mother also testified in Jackson’s behalf.

But in 2013, once Jackson was dead for about four years, Robson changed his mind and decided he had been molested by the singer. Jackson wasn’t around anymore to defend himself. Robson and his lawyer may have seen the door closing to Jackson’s estate and filed the lawsuit.

Part of Robson’s case had already been dismissed. This was the part in which he sued Jackson’s corporate entities. But Judge Beckloff ruled Robson’s case did not stand up.

Robson’s lawsuit also triggered one from another “Neverland kid,” Jimmy Safechuck. His case against the Jackson estate was also dismissed.

And that may actually bring to an end all of the big controversies that surrounded Michael Jackson for most of his adult life. The estate has recently signed a new deal with Sony Music after losing a case to producer Quincy Jones for $9 million in fees and royalties. Jackson’s children are thriving. His ex, Debbie Rowe, has survived cancer and has moved on with her life. All that remains is the estate’s dealing with the IRS.

Is it a happy ending? It’s like the finale of a soap opera. You never where another cliffhanger exists…

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