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UPDATE: Priestley writes extensively about his very bad drinking problem in his 2014 memoir. He’s been in and out of rehab, crashed cars, been arrested. If the Weinstein episode did occur, it is NOT even alluded to in the memoir. So, please.

EARLIER Just to catch you up: overnight, “Beverly Hills 90210” actor Jason Priestley claimed he “punched Harvey Weinstein in the face” in a series of Tweets. The incident occurred, he said, in 1995 at the Miramax Golden Globes party. Priestley thought he was being removed from the party. When he queried Weinstein, the movie mogul said he didn’t have to leave and that they should talk about. That’s when Priestley took a swing at Weinstein, he says.

The Tweets have now been removed. They exist only in archive and re-Tweets. But think about it: why was Priestley being asked to leave the party in the first place? And if Weinstein told him it wasn’t so, why did Priestley hit him? It makes no sense.

Weinstein’s been revealed to have done terrible things to women. But some of these subsidiary stories don’t make sense. Someone named Tara Strong started this on Twitter, saying she thought maybe Weinstein had hurt Priestley’s career as retribution. Really? Jason Priestley was a middling TV actor. His claim to fame was “Beverly Hills 90210.” He was never really in movies, and certainly not in the category of Miramax actors. So let’s get a grip here. Brandon Walsh was never going to  deliver the King’s Speech.

Nest thing you know, Ian Ziering is going to say he was blacklisted from being in “Chicago.” Come on everyone.


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