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It’s good news and who knows what news for Disney and Lucas Film this morning.

Last night, “The Last Jedi” scored $45 million in preview shows around the US. That’s the second highest Thursday preview opening ever, behind “The Force Awakens,” so that’s good news.

But the WTH news is that “The Force Awakens” did $57 million on its Thursday previews two years ago. In between there was “Rogue One” with a $29 million preview Thursday last year.

So what the heck? Is there “Star Wars” burn out with movies three years in a row? Could be.

Otherwise, “Jedi” picked up $60 million in international box office over the last couple of days.

Disney/Lucas Films wants a $200 million plus blockbuster break all records weekend. Now it’s unclear if “Jedi” can do that as it’s running 25% behind “Force.”

Believe me, “Star Wars” fans, you don’t want to miss this one. This is the Big One.

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