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The word ‘Columbia’ does not appear anywhere among the top 50 albums this week, or last. Columbia Records, Sony Music’s main label, has no albums on the charts and hasn’t for some time.

So you’d think a Barbra Streisand album of her singing her hits live, from a Netflix special, would have merited some action. Streisand’s 2014 release, “Partners,” sold 196,000 in its debut week.

Last week, I got excited that ‘Streisand will save Sony.’ But I was also evidently in this evaluation.

As of now, Streisand’s “The Music, The Mem’ries, The Magic” has sold fewer than 12,000 copies. And those were sales plus downloads. There wasn’t enough streaming to count into the total.

For some reason, the album was more or less a stealth release. Streisand as well as Sony did nothing for it. If they didn’t care for it, why put it out at all? The only reason could be to fulfill Streisand’s Columbia contract as yet another release.

All in all, peculiar to say the least.


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