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First there was just Ed Sheeran singing “Perfect” on his “Divide” album.

Then a couple of weeks ago he released a new duet version with “Beyonce.” Now both the original and Beyonce’s duet are at the top of the charts.

Today Ed released a new version with Andrea Bocelli, arranged by his classical musician brother Matthew Sheeran.

Who’s next? Will this become a cottage industry? Is this Sheeran’s way of getting back at the Grammy Awards for ignoring him this year? Sheeran, it’s reported, will not appear at the Grammys since they snubbed him. But he will likely turn up at the special Elton John salute taping at MSG January 30th for play on CBS this spring. Sheeran is managed by Elton’s Rocket Entertainment.

Maybe an Ed-Elton “Perfect” duet is next? And so on and so on. It would be pretty good marketing to have a “Perfect” album of duets.

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