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Director Bryan Singer– sued and publicly shamed in the past with charges of pedophilia and sexual misconduct– is off the 20th Century Fox lot for good. He cleared out his offices this week after disappearing from the London set of “Bohemian Rhapsody.”

Singer claims he returned to the US to take care of an ailing parent. He says Fox knew this and wouldn’t give him the time. This doesn’t ring true.

Singer has made four blockbusters for Fox since 2003, all  “X Men” movies. Worldwide they grossed almost $2 billion. If he’d needed time off for a family emergency, the studio would have agreed.

But that’s not it, is it? Singer was already involved in a high profile sexual harassment case in 2014. Although it was withdrawn and dismissed, the stench lingers on. Singer is also the subject of what we call a Hollywood legend from the movie “The Usual Suspects.” Now actor Gabriel Byrne has alluded to trouble on that set because of star Kevin Spacey’s misconduct. The dots are all about to connect.

Singer and Spacey aren’t alone. More stories are coming and they won’t be pretty. Some, like theirs, are hiding in plain sight. It’s just a matter of time. Hollywood, as a friend says, is eating itself. And it won’t be done until everything has been vomited up. It’s going to be a long winter. Even Wolverine won’t be able to help.

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