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Well, Taylor Swift learned her lesson, swiftly.

Her new album, “Reputation,” has finally landed on streaming services tonight. Spotify, et al now have the pop singer’s latest collection after three weeks of release.

Swift initially stayed off streaming. Her first week of release was huge– 1.3 million. But then sales dropped off fast. This week she’ll come in around 120,000. The party is pooping fast. And tonight, she’s already been knocked off her perch at number 1 on iTunes by U2.

Buzz Angle says she’s sold a total of 1.6 million through Wednesday.

Adding the streaming services should breathe some new life in “Reputation.” But this whole story should serve as a lesson. The “new” cycle even for a star as big as Swift is faster than ever. You basically have one or two weeks on the charts to make your money.

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