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Taylor Swift? Her “Reputation” is falling off.

Over the weekend Swift sold about 100,000 copies of her new album. That’s after a debut week of 1.3 million copies.

Now it seems this Friday Taylor will have sold a maximum of 250,000 copies or less for a sophomore week. That’s at least a 75% drop.

Part of the problem is not having a top 10 single to push along sales and garner radio play. She does have several singles scattered on the iTunes chart, but they’re all below number 15. On radio, as I wrote last week, Swift is not getting that much attention- certainly not what her “1989” album got.

All this means that Swift may have to allow streaming of the album sooner rather than later. Not streaming is hurting her bottom line. Luckily, her tour and her merchandise will more than make up for it.

By the way, don’t believe a word of the story Page Six picked up today from the UK Sun, a paper that specializes in fiction. Swift will be very welcome at this year’s Grammys, I assure you. She’ll present, perform, dance in the aisles. The Grammys love her. And she stayed away from the American Music Awards for them.

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