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Taylor Swift’s “Reputation” may only extend to album sales, and just for her first week.

Otherwise, “Reputation” is not burning up the radio waves.

The album sold 1.3 million copies this week, and will be declared number 1 on Monday.

But on the radio, Taylor is not doing so well. After her first single, “Look What You Made Me Do,” hit number 1 on iTunes, it looked like she would have a flood of hits from the album.

Yet, this week she has nothing in the top 10 on radio. On the Mediabase charts, Taylor has number 14 on Top 40 radio with “Ready for It.” But she has no number 1 hit. Three singles from “Reputation” have already bounced around on the charts, but on radio it’s quiet. Same in the UK. This is very unlike the “1989” album which you  couldn’t get away from one the radio.

At the same time, pop blockbuster station has Taylor at number 16 on their playlist with “Ready for It” and 32 with “Look What You Made Me Do.”

Taylor has no breakthrough number 1 hit like Adele’s “Hello.” And that may be a problem in coming weeks. That 1.3 million may start decreasing quickly. Neverthless, she has 9 tracks selling on the iTunes charts. Only, no one is playing them.



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