Home Music Taylor Swift Sales Blockbuster: “Reputation” Sold 721,000 Copies From Friday Through Saturday

Taylor Swift’s release of “Reputation” is, of course, a monster hit. She’s sold 721,000 copies from Friday through Saturday night. The numbers are from Buzz Angle and don’t include Sunday. The numbers don’t reflect Taylor’s appearance on “Saturday Night Live.”

The “SNL” performance didn’t do much for Taylor’s singles sales– even though she has two of them in the iTunes top 1o, neither of the songs she sang jumped to number 1. Still, “Reputation” is on track for a huge debut at number 1 this Friday with a possible 1.3 million. That would be Taylor’s fourth million selling debut week in a row.

Swift’s sales are “pure” because there’s no streaming, it’s all CDs and downloads. And then there’s all the other revenue– gazillions from tie ins with ABC and other promotional placements, merchandise and the world tour. She’s a very, very wealthy young lady. Let’s not forget that she’s got that Little Big Town hit on the charts, too, which she wrote– “Better Man.”

There’s no word yet whether she’ll be on Sunday’s American Music Awards. My guess is she’ll present or wave or dance in the audience. But no performance since I’m sure she wants to be on the Grammys in January.

All in all, it’s good to be Taylor Swift. It’s also not so bad to be Jack Antonoff. Leah Dunham’s songwriter boyfriend will make a small fortune off “Reputation” for co-writing and producing. So will Max Martin, who I assume lives in a mansion somewhere with 24 kt faucets.

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