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Hollywood is in free fall.

Comedian Louis CK and Andre Balazs, owner of the fabled Chateau  Marmont have each been accused in the New York Times of gross sexual misconduct.

On top of that, Paramount’s “Daddy’s Home 2,” featuring the vile Mel Gibson, is so bad that at 4:30 on the day before its release there are no reviews for the movie.

Plus, Ridley Scott is re-filming whole sections of his new movie, due for release in a month, so he can replaced accused and alleged molester Kevin Spacey with Christopher Plummer.

Warner Bros. has had to cut off $450 million in funding because it was coming from another accused sexual harasser, Brett Ratner.

The Weinstein Company is basically gone.

Paramount also lost $1 billion in funding from Chinese investors this week, maybe because they were unimpressed with the studio’s four-for-four fall season catastrophe.

Fox is trying to sell its movie studio to Disney, maybe because they’ve seen or read the reviews for “Murder on the Orient Express.”

The Daily Mail is reporting that someone connected to Harvey Weinstein tried to get a New York proecutor to somehow get the psychiatric files of his rape accuser Paz de la Huerta.

Is it the end of days?

The Balazs story is going to be extremely meaningful if true because he owns the Chateau, the Standard Hotels in both NY and LA. and the Mercer—all hot spots. If the hotels suddenly become shunned, that’s a huge upheaval.

The Louis CK story could bring to an end the career of a popular comedian whose backstory was dependent on his family life and his reputation as a father.

What’s next?


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