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“Hello, Dolly!” is going to have a lot of trouble once Bette Midler leaves for good.

She took last week off and the box office plunged. Not just dropped, but plunged. The take for last week was just $879,369.10. The prior week, with Bette, was $2.3 million.

The drop was $1.48 million.

When I went by the box office last week I was offered seats all over the theater at prices from $99-$169. Bette’s top ticket was $206. I just can’t bring myself to pay that much. I couldn’t even stomach paying the lower price.

So I went to see Elizabeth McGovern in “Time and the Conways.” The ticket cost $79. Totally worth it, and the house was a quarter empty. I was able to move up a little in the orchestra. JB Priestley’s play is as contemporary as ever. The production is top notch. McGovern and the cast are excellent. Try and see it before the “Conways” closes.


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