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I told you on Tuesday, October 31st sources said Frank Underwood would be killed off of “House of Cards.” Kevin Spacey is not coming back. Netflix has cut all ties with him.

“House of Cards” will revamp its sixth season. Robin Wright’s Clare Underwood is now president of some United States in fiction. Frank, evil beyond belief, will be killed off and they can have a great murder mystery. If it works, “HOC” might even go beyond a sixth season.

This is easier to do than you might think. Perhaps because the people at “HOC” apparently didn’t like Spacey, Underwood ended season 5 out of the White House. Clare turned to the camera and said, “Now it’s my turn.” Frank’s story was basically over.

Netflix has also dropped Spacey’s Gore Vidal movie directed by Michael Hoffman. Will anyone every pick it up? Will we ever see it? Spacey is Public Enemy Number 1 right now but other people are in that movie.  Who knows?

Also in jeopardy are two other films: Ridley Scott’s Getty film, “All the Money in the World,” scheduled for release next month, and the big screen version of the “Billionaire Boys Club,” set for next year. Spacey starts in both films. They may be his last for a long while, too. So much money is involved, and lots of other people, I hope cooler heads prevail. Just release these things.

Once these projects are resolved, then what happens to Kevin Spacey? We are in new territory here.

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