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I did tell you several days ago about Kevin Spacey’s sketchy foundation, his not for profit 501 c 3. There are only four people on the board of directors– Kevin, his accountant, the head of the New Jersey Shakespeare Theater and the actor who played Spacey’s “House of Cards” secret service agent and lover, Nathan Darrow. Very weird.

Now the website for the Kevin Spacey Foundation has been pulled down. There’s still info about the foundation on Kevin’s personal web page. But the link to the foundation just goes to GoDaddy.

Meantime, Kevin’s talent agency, CAA, and his publicist, Staci Wolfe, have dumped him. I cry ‘foul’ on this news. You can’t tell me that Wolfe didn’t know everything that’s been going on for years. Spacey’s reputation has been an open secret in Hollywood for two decades. It’s amazing how dishonest people can be even when honesty is being embraced.

And who’s next? The list is long. And it’s already been raked over in the supermarket tabloids for years.


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