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Will it be a comedy or a tragedy?

Now BET is going to make another movie out of Whitney Houston and Bobby Brown. It’s called “The Bobby Brown Story.” It’s not about Millie Bobby Brown, star of “Stranger Things.” Or Bobbi Brown cosmetics. It’s about the life of the drug taking, much arrested often deadbeat dad and singer, former husband of Whitney Houston. That Bobby Brown.

The network is casting for yet another Whitney Houston. I guess she won’t be singing since they’ll never be able to license Houston’s music. But here it comes whether we like it or not.

Woody McClain, who played Bobby in BET’s New Edition mini-series, is back to the play the hell raising singer.

Among the characters in this story: a young Janet Jackson, who apparently Bobby had a desire for. Luckily, she escaped his grasp.

A whole movie– two nights on TV– devoted to Bobby Brown. And you could be taking nighttime typing classes. It’s, uh, your prerogative.

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