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“House of Cards” is crumbling. Production has been suspended. And Kevin Spacey also a big studio movie directed by Ridley Scott scheduled for December release. So who’s representing him?

On the agent side, Spacey has the capable CAA. But on management, it’s a bit weird.

For the last couple of years Spacey has relied on a one former teen pop star from the 90s with no other clients as a his manager.

You may remember Evan and Jaron, twins who had a hit with “Crazy for the Girl” in the 1990s. After their debut album the twins slowly vanished.

But last year, Spacey started showing up at awards shows and events with a tall, handsome stranger. (That was no surprised as Spacey — who everyone in the entertainment press knew was gay– always traveled with chiseled young men.)

The stranger turned out to be Evan Lowenstein (who is married and has children). A smitten Spacey was now taking his advice from the ex pop idol. Spacey got rid of most of his support team in 2016 and put Lowenstein in place.

Lowenstein’s other business is a company called Stage It, an “online concert venue” for unknown, aspiring pop stars. In the four years since Stage It was introduced, none of its acts have had any chart success.

Meanwhile, I’m told that Spacey may really not have any recollection of the 1986 Anthony Rapp incident– and wasn’t prepared for the revelation.

“Kevin had no preparation when the Rapp interview hit,” a source says. “And he probably doesn’t remember it anyway. His drinking was so bad he had blackouts all the time.”

Spacey, I’m told, eventually stopped drinking when he realized how out of control he was. His dry period lasted 20 years. It’s unclear how he’s handling his drinking now.


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