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The New York Times has added several new names to the list of women allegedly harassed or raped or otherwise allegedly preyed upon by Harvey Weinstein.

But they didn’t realize something when they reported that Ashley Matthau was one of the victims. Ms. Matthau is married to Charlie Matthau, son of the late Walter Matthau, Oscar, Tony, and Emmy winner and beloved member of Hollywood royalty, star of “The Odd Couple” and “The Fortune Cookie.” Charlie was named for his godfather, Charlie Chaplin.

At the time, in 2004, according to the New York Times, Ms. Matthau was engaged to Charlie Matthau and went by her maiden name, Anderson.

The reports says that Ms. Matthau retained John S. West, a  partner of Gloria Allred. This means that Allred and likely her daughter, Lisa Bloom, knew something of Weinstein’s history when these new stories launched months ago.

Weinstein hired Daniel Petrocelli, who’d represented the Goldmans in the OJ Simpson civil case. Ms. Matthau says Petrocelli told her he could prove she was promiscuous and that “We’ll drag you through the mud by your hair.” Petrocelli declined to comment to the Times. I don’t know why. I only know him through the Simpson case, but I’m incredibly disappointed. She accepted a settlement in the end.

Among the other Weinstein accusers is my old friend Annabella Sciorra. When I read this over the weekend, my heart sank. Not that all the women aren’t great people with true stories. But Annabella was/is someone I know, a popular New York presence, a talented actress. I remember exactly when she was in a Miramax movie, a charming comedy called “The Night We Never Met.”

This was long before “Shakespeare in Love” and a couple of years before “Pulp Fiction.” I have a distinct memory of the party following the screening, at which Harvey Weinstein walked around with his baby daughter on his shoulders. Everyone was all smiles. And now, it’s hard to describe the revulsion that has taken the place of that picture. I am sending Annabella all the good wishes I can.


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