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UPDATE: We called it. “House of Cards” is over. The final season is shooting now.

EARLIER: A house of cards is sort of made to finally cave in, collapse, crumble. And that’s what may happen to the Netflix hit.

With news of the Kevin Spacey scandal hitting today, Netflix will likely pull the plug at the end of the season currently filming– season six. Production is already underway on the season, with two episodes just about finished. Episode 3 of 13 shoots from November 6th – December 8th.

Already the show’s creator, Beau Willimon, says he finds the Spacey revelations “troubling.” Willimon, however, is no longer with the series.

It’s hard to imagine, however, that Netflix would want to go on to Season 7. So quick rewrites would have to be applied now to wrap things up.

Even if it ends this season, “House of Cards” will live forever on Netflix. But an ignominious end now would mean foregoing a huge ending marketing plan, a follow up movie and so on. The rest of the cast and crew would suffer from Spacey’s behavior.


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