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Kevin Spacey has a lot of explaining to do. Unfortunately, he’s not going to do it.

On Sunday night, actor Anthony Rapp– famous for “Rent” on Broadway, the “Rent” movie, and “Star Trek: Discovery”– told Buzz Feed that when he was 14 and appearing on Broadway, Spacey basically attacked him and tried to have sex with him. His accusations are alleged, and Spacey has not responded to them.

Rapp’s story comes on the heels of Boston broadcaster Heather Unruh stating on Twitter last week that Spacey had done something to a loved one. She declined to say who the victim was, or the gender. But Unruh posted a nice picture of Spacey and has not backed off.

Spacey has always created an air of edgy mystery about his personal life. For years he had a companion named Dianne Dreyer on his arm for awards ceremonies. (I’m told she eventually got married and out of the film “business.”) A tabloid photographed Spacey on vacation with a boyfriend several years ago. Spacey was notoriously “mugged” in a London park. In 2010, he told a journalist that he would never come clean about his personal life.

Unruh’s accusation last week was picked up by blogs but ignored by news organizations because it had no real details. Rapp’s story tonight is going to carry considerably more weight– and perhaps open the door for more revelations. Spacey is closely associated with his “Usual Suspects” director Bryan Singer, who name has come up many times in reported stories about Hollywood’s dark underbelly. But Singer has always denied all accusations, and has never been formally accused of anything.

But all of this means that things are about to get very rough as those who might have been scared off of telling Hollywood true stories will now feel emboldened.

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