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Al Gore — former President Gore if you voted in the 2000 Election — is back. He’s on the circuit for the DVD release of “An Inconvenient Sequel,” the follow up to the Oscar winning “Inconvenient Truth.” The producers of the newer movie are hoping to the make the Oscar short list and ultimately the top 5 nominees this year.

Considering it’s unusually warm for the end of October in New York, and over 100 degrees every day in Los Angeles, I think they have a chance.

Paramount invited everyone over to the Monkey Bar last night to meet Gore and the filmmakers. A lot of people walked over or took the subway in honor of the film.

Gore — still jolly, still focused–  told us something interesting about the US vow to leave the Paris Climate Accord. “The earliest we can get out is November 4, 2020– the day after the next presidential election.” Something tells me that will become an issue during the 2020 campaign. Even the Trumpiest voters can see the weather has changed, storms are now more dangerous, and that this is no time to be a climate change denier.

“The good thing is that that the individual states are going ahead and observing the accord,” Gore said.

As for Donald Trump: Gore spoke to him right after the election to make him aware of the seriousness of climate change.  But since then, there has been no contact. But of course, Donald Trump doesn’t think he needs a weatherman to tell him which way the wind blows.

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